First Class On Wheels: Five Reasons To Choose Limousines As Your Transportation From The Orlando Air

When it comes to airplanes, first class seats come with a first class price. But if you want to upgrade from stuffy cabs, buses and other inferior and uncomfortable forms of transportation, it doesn’t cost quite as much once you’re on the ground. Buy beyond cost, it’s important to make sure that you’re getting the best bang for your buck, so to speak. Compared with alternative airport transportation in Orlando, here are five reasons why taking a limo could be your best bet.

1. Economic Efficiency

A limousine is a luxurious form of transportation, but with the rates charged by cabs and shuttles these days, the price of limo transportation is comparable to, and sometimes even lower than, these common alternatives. With heavy traffic, a taxi ride from the Orlando airport to Disney World weighs in at about $67– and that’s just for the two, maybe three, people you can fit in the cab. Then there’s tipping and organizing a ride back home, which could easily exceed $300 with a family of four. Meanwhile, round trip chauffeur service in a stocked stretch limo can take a family of four and then some to their destination for under $130.

2. Comfort

If the price alone hasn’t convinced you, consider what you’re paying for when you choose limo transportation over alternative measures. Comfort includes factors like, exclusivity, privacy, pampering and the availability of de-stressers. Instead of sitting next to strangers on the bus, you decide who rides in your limo. If you choose a stretch limo, comfort is maximized largely because of extra space. After sitting in a cramped airplane for hours, who wouldn’t want to stretch out on a plush limo seat? Enjoy complimentary beverages, controllable stereo systems, TV access and even LED lights to create a calm atmosphere for optimum comfort.

3. Style

Looks aren’t everything, but they do add to the appeal of your wheels. So say you’re traveling for business. Would you rather pull up to your meeting place in a gaudy yellow taxi or a sleek, luxury sedan? Something about limousines gives riders a celebrity-worthy image, which is the best way to make your mark on the southern version of Hollywood that is Orlando. Since most limos have tinted windows, you can also enjoy an air of mysteriousness and maintain your privacy. Or, if you’re feeling like showing off your swagger, pop open the sunroof and wave to your admiring fellow travelers.

4. Safety

Renting a car can be a tempting option, but it comes with a few safety risks. First, there’s the possibility of distracted driving from navigating in a new area, and then there’s the question of maintaining safety while enjoying alcoholic beverages on your vacation. Limousines come with trained, professional drivers who are very familiar with the area and the safest paths to your destination. There’s no need for a designated driver with a limousine chauffeur either, so you and your loved ones can kick back with a few tropical drinks and enjoy the Florida sun the right way.

5. Convenience and Accessibility

One of the main reasons tourists rent vehicles is so they can quickly and conveniently access transportation wherever and whenever. Asking a cab to sit around will cost a pretty penny, and may not even be practical, since cab drivers are always on the move. A limo driver would serve you and you alone, chauffeuring from theme parks to dinner to the hotel at your request and at a constant rate. No more waiting for the bus or excessive planning to secure other forms of transportation. Your limousine will be ready when you are.

With the amount of tourists that come in and out of the Sunshine State on a regular basis, finding stress-free airport transportation in Orlando is no easy task. The solution ultimately comes down to the unique needs and preferences of travelers. Unlike buses and cabs, limousines come in a variety of sizes to accommodate everyone from lone business travelers to the entire extended family. Start your vacation out the right way by riding the best form of first class service on wheels.

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